Monday, 14 April 2014

Love Jihad

Love Jihad is an activity under which Muslim boys and men reportedly target young girls belonging to non-Muslim communities for conversion to Islam by feigning love or for grooming to use the girls as they wish like using them for supporting their activities. The term has been used to describe the activity in India, while similar activities have been reported in places like United Kingdom.

Islamists know today they cannot spread Islam using traditional ways by waging war, forcing non-muslims to pay tax "jizya" unless they convert or by using force like it happened in the olden days from the Middle East, Jerusalem, Iran all the way to India.

Today Muslims are using different methods to spread Islam which includes DAWAH, rapid immigration of Muslims into Europe and their demand for sharia law, cultural jihad,  love jihad etc.

In Islam it is believed that Allah gives greater rewards to Muslims who spread Islam, those who convince a non-Muslim to accept Islam.
Converting a non-Muslim girl to Islam is more fruitful and advantageous than converting a male.

There have been cases when the girl doesn't want to convert to Islam but marry a Muslim, the boy to prove his love doesn't force her to convert but after the marriage boys family pressurizes the girl to accept Islam and the boy doesn't go against his family.

Have you ever thought about whey so many people cares about some non-muslim girl marrying a Muslim but no one or just a handful of people think about a Hindu marrying a Sikh, a Christian marrying a Hindu, a Buddhist marrying a Christian etc ?
One of the reasons for this is hypocrisy of Muslims, according to Islam they don't allow a Muslim girl to marry a non-Muslim before the non-Muslim converts to Islam and becomes a Muslim. Islamic marriage cannot happen between a Muslim and a non-Muslim.
They don't give as much freedom to their girls as girls from other communities get. They keep their girls in check. It is easy for Muslims to socialize with girls from other communities whereas Muslims won't allow their girls to socialize with non-Muslim men.
If Muslims start giving their girls as much freedom as non-Muslim girls enjoy it will help destroy the boundaries which exist today.
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 In so many cases when a Muslim girl marries a non-Muslim she is killed by her family.
Just a few examples:
Shafilea Ahmed murder: parents 'killed daughter for dating boys’
Muslim Moms Kill Daughters for Marrying Hindus
Muslim girl killed for love affair with Hindu
Muslim monotheists kill Hindu for marrying Muslim woman
'Love jihad': UK Sikh girls' exploitation worries Takht

Sikh girls groomed by Muslim men 

Muslim tortures Hindu girl with razor blade for refusing to convert to Islam

Mohammed Yaseer arrested and now out on bail for uploading obscene pics of a girl a girl who was a Hindu, he was in a relationship with her.

Recently Assam MLA Rumi Nath was tourtured  my her Muslim husband. Earlier Rumi Nath ran away with her lover who was her facebook friend, she married him and converted to Islam. At that time she was married to a Hindu man and had a 3 year old child.

Found this on facebook we have her facebook id but we don't wish to disclose anyone's personal information here.
This is how some Non-Muslim girls are brainwashed by their Muslim lovers, any non-Muslim who says "revert to Islam" is brainwashed because only hardcore Muslims believe that every child is born a Muslim so the appropriate word is revert not convert.
Its quite surprising to see that some people are so ignorant.

The “Love Jihad” – by Stephen Brown


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