Monday, 9 June 2014

8 Year Old Brutally Raped in Meghalaya

8 Year Old Brutally Raped
Meghalaya: An 8 year old minor was brutally raped by a 24 year old youth near the village of Chibinang, about 100 kms from the town of Tura. While the incident itself is a shocker, what followed was even more shocking – the family of the victim tried to settle the case through a compromise with the family of the accused!
A 24 year old, Munaf Ali, resident of a village near Bholarbitha, Chibinang had allegedly raped the 8 year old minor. He had been absconding since the incident. The rape took place on May 26 last. However, no one was made aware of the crime as the two families tried desperately to reach a compromise regarding the incident. It was only after the acting Office In-charge (OC) of Phulbari Thana, Digvijay Singh, came to know of the incident through sources that the police actually became aware of the case.


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