Friday, 25 July 2014

Minor gang raped in old hyderabad, seven arrested

The following accused persons (A1) Abdul Shakeel Rahman (21) a Zari Work, R/o Hafez Baba Nagar, Hyderabad (A2) Mohd. Basheer Khan, a Battery service work, R/o Hafez Baba Nagar, (A3) Mohd. Mahboob @ Mahboob Ali (21) a Zari work, R/o Hafez Baba Nagar, Hyderabad. (A5) Mohd. Hameed (25) a Flower decoration work, R/o Hafezbabanagar, Hyderabad (A6) Mohammed Azher Khan, a furniture work, R/o Hafezbaba nagar, Hyderabad (A7) Fouzia Begum @ Ghouse Bee W/o Syed Akbar a maidservant, R/o Hafezbabanagar, Hyderabad . (A9) Fareeda Khatoon W/o Moin Khan, a housewife, R/o Teegalakunta, Jahanuma, Hyderabad who were involved in Gang Rape Case and Women trafficking conducting prostitution.

The victim girl is minor aged about 14 years, resident of Phoolbagh, Chandrayangutta, Hyderabad, previously she along with her family had resided at Hafezbabanagar, Kanchanbagh, Hyderabad. During the stay the victim had acquaintance with the accused A1 to A5. On April 4, 2014 at about 1700 hours the victim girl had left her house without any intimation to the family members had been to hafezbaba nagar, where she had met with A1 Abdul Shakeel Rahman. The accused A1 who knows well that the victim is minor, took her to the vacant house of A3 Mahboob Ali, where the accused A1 had raped the victim. The accused A2 who is friend of A1, followed the A1 and victim, and waited for opportunity. When the A1 came out the accused A2 entered into the house and have raped the victim, subsequently the A3 A4, A5 one after the other had committed rape on the victim till late night. In the night they let off the victim, and the victim went towards Aliya Garden Hafezbabanagar, where the accused A6 Azher Khan, met with the victim and took her and dropped at the house of A7 near Balapur. The accused A7 also engaged two customers and conducted prostitution with the victim at her residence. The victim stayed with the A7 for two days and thereafter the accused A8 Feroz khan came to the house of A7 and taken away the victim girl to Sanjeevaiah park and spent there till evening and took the victim to the house of A9 at Teegalakunta and kept her at her residence for prostitution. The accused A9 has also conducted prostitution with the victim girl by engaging two unknown customers and earned money. The victim stayed in the house of A9 for two days, and had been in touch with her mother, but reluctant to come home.

Since the mother of victim got phone call from the phone number of A9, the mother of victim and her sons have made calls to the same number but when the phone was not received, they suspected the victim might have been landed in trouble, may be in prostitution den, and planned to trace the victim at any cost, and the victim's brother and his friends made a phone call to A9 phone stating they required one call girl, and the accused A9 asked them to come near to Charminar. Accordingly the brothers and his friends had been to Charminar Area and searched for them, and in the meantime the A9 brought the victim to the said place, and the victim has been traced on April 10, 2014. The victim narrated the entire episode to her mother LW-1. Subsequently the LW-1 brought the victim to the police station and informed the entire incident.


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