Saturday, 23 August 2014

National shooter Tara brutally assaulted by husband on her refusal to convert to Islam

Love Jihad case Rakibul Hasab alias Ranjit Kumar married Tara Sahdev a Hindu girl. Prior to Marriage he met her with the name Ranjit Kumar showing that he is a Hindu but after the marriage she found out that his name is actually Rakibul Hasab a Muslim. After the marriage Rakibul and his family tortured Tara to convert her to Islam.
In the media Tara also revealed that it is not a personal case but a lot of other girls are also trapped like this.

Ranchi: National shooter Tara Sahdev has alleged that her husband Rakibul Hasab alias Ranjit Kumar Kohli has assaulted her several times because of her refusal to take up Islam as her religion. Rakibul Hasan kept Tara under captivity for over one month, during this period he tortured her and forced her to convert her religion.

The national athlete claims Hasan starved her and prohibited her from meeting anybody. She also revealed that he threatened to beat her up and forced her to take up Islam as her religion, when she protested and resisted, he brutally assaulted her and got her bitten by Dogs.

After enduring over one month of torture Tara reported her saga to State’s National Commission for Women’s Chief, Mahua Manjhi and BJP leader Ajay Nath Shahdev.

Tara has alleged that Rakibul married her by faking his identity as Ranjit Kumar Kohli, Tara has also registered an FIR against Hasan. Tara narrated how she met Rakibul Hasan alias Ranjit Jumar Kohli, she said that four men in a vigilance vehicle came to see her practice on the shooting grounds every day, that’s where she got acquainted with Hasan and then later forged a deep friendship with him and his other three companions. Tara and Hasan got engaged on June 20 and got married on July 7.

Tara Sahdev found out about Hasan’s true identity after the marriage when he called 20-25 Hajis and forced Tara to convert to Islam, when she refused to obey his orders he beat her up and got her bitten by dogs so that she gives in to his demands.

The victim revealed that Hasan was never at home during the night, he usually returned home at 4 am in the morning, Tara has no idea of what he does for a living.

She also told the police that the couple got married at Radisson Blu Hotel and after marriage they lived in Bel Air apartment’s flat no-5. As per the sources Hasan is absconding along with his elderly mother. Tara also received threat messages from Hasan after he left town.


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