Thursday, 2 January 2014

A Muslim owned by an ex-Muslim

A Muslim asks a question - "why do you want war with the Muslims when you know your not gonna win"

An ex-Muslim  Ken Younous replies-
"Israel has single handedly kicked your asses and handed them back to you on a platter -- not one, but several times. In fact, this has been the outcome of every single war you have fought against Israel, except one -- the Lebanese war -- which ended in a tie. If the small country of lone Israel can take on Egypt, Syria, Lebanon and Jordan all at once and come out the winner repeatedly, what do you think the outcome would be if the religion of peace went to war with the world? Picture an army of mentally retarded chimpanzees wielding sticks and rocks going up against armored tanks and jets and surface to air missiles. The analogy isn't too far wide of the mark."
Ken Younous


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