Thursday, 9 January 2014

Indian girl abducted raped and killed

On 7 June, 2013, a 20-year-old college student was abducted, gang-raped and murdered in Kamduni, near Barasat, about 20 km from Kolkata. The victim, a second year BA student of Derozio College, was walking home along the Kamduni BDO Office Road in the afternoon, when she was abducted and taken inside a factory where she was gang raped by at least nine men. After raping her, the perpetrators tore apart her legs up to the navel, slit her throat and dumped her body into a nearby field. Eight of the nine accused have been arrested.

Again most of the accused rapists turn out to be from the religion of peace
Ansar Ali
Saiful Ali
Noor Ali
Bhutto Molla
Enamul Molla
Amin Ali


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