Thursday, 11 July 2013

PFI Popular Front of India muslim extremist group

There is no doubt that the Indian government loves to play politics on religion. The pseudo-secular Indian government allows such extremist organizations to flourish in India. The congress government hasn't shown any resolve to go against such organizations simply because it would upset Muslims and Muslims are vote bank for the Congress.
The congress government don't ever mention such Muslim organization but they don't get tired of mentioning saffron terror, hypocrisy isn't it.
PFI has been liked with various terrorist activities, it is a hard core Muslim extremist organization sugar coated by certain national propaganda. 
It was PFI activists that were arrested for chopping off the right palm of T.J. Joseph, professor of Malayalam at Newman College on July 4, 2010 for allegedly offending sentences in an internal examination paper.

I did some research on this and found that PFI had been liked to terrorist activities in the past.

Bombs seized, 21 Popular Front of India cadres arrested in Kerala

PFI arms trainees linked to Dawood Ibrahim: Kerala police

Gulf money fueling Muslim extremism in Kerala; IUML grows more militant to take on other radical Islamist parties

PFI activists suspected to have extremist links: Kerala Govt to HC

PFI shuns phone and email to keep off police radar

Sedition claim: PFI activists asked to reply

PFI calls itself Voluntary and Non-profit Organization. In fact almost all such extremist organizations have a habit of calling themselves Non-profit Organization. They try to show that they are doing some kind of charity and helping people and use it as a shield.


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