Saturday, 15 June 2013

Giving DAWAH to opposite sex - Funny

First of all, for all those who don't know what Dawah means.
Dawah means the proselytizing or preaching of Islam. Preaching or telling about Islam to non-Muslims in an aim to convert them into Islam that's why you see so many Muslims on the internet praising Islam with their own mouths.
"Let another praise you, and not your own mouth; a stranger, and not your own lips."
But you know what, non-Muslims don't praise Islam these days instead they have become a pain in ass for Muslims on the internet so Muslims do it with their own mouths. Its like praising myself with my own mouth I know how stupid that sounds but Muslims do it for the sake of Islam. They act as if they are on a Holy Commission.

I just came across a topic 'giving DAWAH to opposite sex' and was surprised to see so many questions posted on it which no doubt contained usual stupid and silly things. This shows how insecure they feel in this world of opposite sex.

So this is a tutorial on how to give dawah to opposite sex.

Rule #1: No seclusion.
Seclusion means the state of being private and away from other people.
Dangers of  giving dawah to a women in private away from others.
  • Women would turn into a monster and eat you up.
  • You wont be able to control yourself and you would get a boner.
  • Sexual deviant beast present inside you would unleash and you would try to rape her.
Rule#2: Talks and conversations have to be serious and definite.
  • You could stray away from the actual topic which is dawah and start talking about what between her legs.
Rule#3:  Women should not talk so softly that they can attract the opposite sex.
"O my lord, which planet are these people from is the question that comes into my mind."
  •   Looks like they are ultra Hyper-Sensitive to opposite sex even a woman's voice can give them a boner. Sadly no Burqa has been invented for voice till now, may be in future with science making progress we would have one. 
 Yes bro you are right many possibilities can happen when you are doing dawah to opposite sex and I have just addressed some of them.

This tutorial was posted here and on many other forums and websites followed by usual Muslim responses, Alhamdulillah, Jazakallahu Khair, Masha allah etc..........

 On the same page you may see this comment.
Looks like their sexual deviant beast tries to unleash when they see a women without hijab. That proves my point which I earlier said hyper-sensitivity to opposite sex.

Another topic on Inter-Gender dawah :)
I learned something new:
When a man is alone with a women, Satan is also there.
Watch out couples Satan always resides in your bedroom where you are alone he watches you having sex.

This Muslim guy wants to give dawah to a young girl, he lives in New York, what a shame. He likes that girl and obviously wants to convert her into Islam.

This Muslim guy is intelligent he knows she would dump Islam and look he is more concerned about the kids being raised as kafirs (non-muslims). He is concerned non-muslim population would further increase.

This guy was giving dawah to a girl that didn't believe in god and got pissed off :)

More dawah

See how desperate they are to convert others. Next time if some Muslim comes up to you for dawah flip the middle finger.


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