Monday, 17 June 2013

Islam at war with itself muslims are killing muslims

Muslims are killing more Muslims than anyone else. In almost every Muslim country like Pakistan, Afghanistan, Syria etc.. Muslims are being killed on daily basis and that to by no one else but Muslims. Bomb blasts in Pakistan have become something common. Over 90,000 people killed in Syrian civil war. Intra-Muslim conflicts is increasing among Muslims.

The problem is that Muslims get outraged when Salman Rushdie writes a book, Muslims get outraged when someone makes a movie about Muhammad but they don't show the same anger when Muslims kill Muslims on almost daily basis in countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan, Syria etc. They don't show the same anger when Muslims kidnap and rape Syrian women in refugee camps.
Unless they look within themselves nothing is going to change.

Below is a well written article on this topic by a Pakistani that you must read


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