Saturday, 15 June 2013

Muslims in China

China is the only country which tries to ban Ramadan fasting.
Al Jazeera TV reports

China steps up campaign against Ramadan in Xinjiang 

Muslims are banned from fasting during Ramadan in China

If the west had done the same thing then the reaction of Muslims around the world would have been totally different and and outrageous without a doubt.

China is dealing with Uighur Muslim extremism. There have been riots in the past between Muslims and Chinese.
Images of riots:

Muslim mobs in China - violence on the streets

Chinese people angry at Muslims

China dealing with Muslims

Violence on streets again between Uighur Muslim and Chinese

Turkish PM urges China to stop 'assimilation' of Uighur Muslims

 Chinese try to ban burqas 

In almost every non-Muslim country that has significant amount of Muslim population some or the other problem always arises due to Muslims. The problem with Muslims is that they are not flexible they don't easily mix up with other faiths and culture. They like to live in their Muslim packed society and try to force their own culture and laws.


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