Saturday, 29 June 2013

Muslim rampage on Delhi streets

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It wasn't a surprise why this news was not shown on national news channels in spite of the incident taking place in Delhi because the Indian media is pseudo-secular just like the ruling congress party. Media favours the congress who tries its best to appease Muslims because Congress sees Muslims as their vote bank.
It was an occasion of Shab-e-barat where Muslims in very large numbers gathered and thousands of Muslims on their motorcycles went on rampage and started causing mischief on the streets. They started misbehaving with people on the street. Because of the nuisance there were traffic jams on streets and many Muslims started jumping on the bonnets of the cars. Some people who protested and resisted against it were beaten.  Windshield of some cars were also broken. The whole area looked like it was captured by the Muslims and they were violating every law.

Even girls and women were not spared Muslims started misbehaving with ladies. Some girls cried on the spot seeing the harassment and misbehavior.

Muslims pelted stones on police men who tried to stop them in which 2 police men got injured. Some police men were also beaten.
So far the police has arrested 11 people on charges of trying to incite riots.

It all started at 9 PM at night and carried on until 12 o'clock. In places like India Gate, Bahadur shah Zafar Marg, Sunder Nagar etc.. police looked completely impotent and were not able to control the trouble makers.



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